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Established in 2002, Ixor is your specialist in customised software design.

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Our values

We foster education

We know exactly what we are doing today. But what about tomorrow? Technology is changing. The impossible is becoming possible. Which is why we are continuously learning about new opportunities. We open them up for you.

We pursue excellence

Only with learning, training and the constant pursuit of knowledge is it possible for us to perform at the highest standards. We pursue the use of new technologies and innovations. Why? Because we want to know what’s possible. Attention to detail and technical ownership of our solutions are key elements of our continued success.

We value creativity

Development is made difficult by deadlines, budgets and other constraints. We add creativity to the mix, allowing us to overcome challenges to deliver the best results possible and enjoy the journey that takes us there.

Integrity and respect

Debate and open dialogue are critical to creativity and innovation. Every opinion is valuable. We treat clients and employees with respect. We believe there is something to learn from everyone.


Want to stay on top of the latest trends and practices in software development? You’ll know about every new trend and the latest features by attending the TechTalk sessions. Ixor organises them regularly.


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