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Knowledge sharing and peer reviewing is essential in order to remain at the forefront of our industry. Here are the domains of our craft in which we excel.

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Our cloud architects build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible for your applications. Our engineers produce stable and efficient systems so you can focus on functional requirements. In this practice, operations and development engineers participate together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support. We have implemented DevOps transformations in large and smaller companies. Our experience will help you in the adoption of the DevOps culture, which goes hand in hand with the Agile Software Development.

Davy Dewaele

Senior Architect

Ward Vanlaer

Machine Learning Engineer
Artificial Intelligence

Every day, more enterprises are recognizing the added value of incorporating artificial intelligence into their business processes. When our experts in this practice design, build and deploy AI based solutions, the benefits are quickly demonstrated. Duplicate and similar product detection for Spott, document recognition for IxorDocs or the pre-analysis of digital images of intestinal mucosa are only a few of our recent realizations. This practice aims for well-designed AI systems that adapt to people and create a balance for effective human & machine cooperation.

User Experience

The user experience has a major impact on your reputation. Therefore, we make sure that not only the content but also the user experience is grafted onto the customer journey. It is the best bond between your brand and (potential) customers. We ensure a consistent brand experience in all interactions with the user, from look and feel of the different platforms, to the content and communication between brand and customer. It is about how something works, how it feels, how it is structured. Our frontend and mobile experts will gladly take a look at your digital products and help you raise them to a higher level.

Roel Verbeeck

Managing Director


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